Old Superstition Mountaintop

Howard Brown

Old Superstition Mountaintop PDF

Silhouettes of tall saguaros rise before the golden skies,
It's evening on the desert and Old Superstition Mountaintop
Reminds me of days that we once knew long ago
Holding hands to Weaver's Needle, looking for lost Dutchman's gold mine,
Indian hieroglyphics on the canyon wall,

I hear your call, I hear your running laughter on the mountain trail,
See your distant, dancing figure, catch your warm and breathless greeting,
Purple shadows cover now Old Superstition Mountains high,
I close my eyes, but with the morning light,
I'll search the misty pathways for the music of that laughter and that fond embrace,
To know the nearness of your presence on Old Superstition's trails