PWS Albums

Secrets for Favors - 1988

First recording effort... recorded on cassette-based 4-track and then Fostex A8 1/4" 8-track.

Yellow Bird         + Song for Jennie + Song for Whitney
Morning Gloria + Song for GK + Gloria
Bayer Aspirin Blues + Southern Belle + Mountain Railway
If I Needed You + Aspen

Shy Musicians - 1990

Recorded on Fostex 8-track with drum machine, electric guitars and Ensoniq ESQ-1 synthesizer

Crazy Oats     + Love Like a Telephone + Oh Colorado
The Wind Blows + Eyes of Eternity + Another Christmas
Free Man + Song For Jordan + Oh Girl
OK Without Ya + The Other Side + She'll Never Argue With Love

Harbored Hearts - 1996

Better Way       + Wonderin               + Oh My My
Next To You + Playin' With Fire + Acacia Park Waltz
She's So Married + Will You Dance With Me + Feelin' Bluesy
Have A Good Life + Love Is + Sacred Soul Within

Inner Mission - 1998

Martha's Shadow + Now I Can See        + Yesterday's Blues
A Sense Of You + Roads + Gravity
Silent Song + Then I'll Be Her Man + The Hunger
Help Me To Know + Never Say Goodbye + What Love Isn't
Treasures + The Lover's Waltz

In The Breeze - 2008

In The Breeze     + Hello
Tell Me + Hold Me
Happy + Birthday
Don't Stop Lovin' + Goodbye

Something To Say - 2009

I put together this CD for the folks at FCC
Aspen             + My Name Is Love +    Never Say Goodbye    + This Mystery
Earth Sky Lullaby + One Peace + What Love Isn't + Words Get In The Way
Martha's Shadow + Help Me To Know + Try Love + When I'm With You
The Hunger + Sacred Soul Within + When You Say Goodbye + The Lover's Waltz

Square One - 2020

Covers of some of my favorite songs thru the years.
All You Need is Love  + Blowin in the Wind              + Conversation
Fly Me to the Moon + Forever Young + Long May You Run
Kathy's Song + On the Sunny Side of the Street + Barbed Wire Boys
Wind Beneath My Wings + The Times They are a Changin + When We're Gone, Long Gone

Balanced Rock - 2020

A bunch of songs that I wrote 20 years ago, just now getting them finished.
Another World          + Beautiful As You      + Brown Paper Bag
Favorite Things + I Know You'll Find It + I Will Believe
Let It Go + Not The Woman + Radio Rock
Rock, Rock, Rock + Thought I Saw Love + Want The Best
Who You Are In My Arms + With Your Heart