PWS Albums

Secrets For Favors - 1988

Yellow Bird

Song For Jennie

Song For Whitney

Morning Gloria

Song for GK


Bayer Aspirin Blues

Southern Belle

Mountain Railway

If I Needed You


Shy Musicians - 1990

Crazy Oats

Love Like a Telephone

Oh Colorado

The Wind Blows

Eyes of Eternity

Another Christmas

Free Man

Song For Jordan

Oh Girl

OK Without Ya

The Other Side

She'll Never Argue With Love

Harbored Hearts - 1996

Sad Movies & Sundays

Better Way


Oh My My

Next To You

Playin' With Fire

Acacia Park Waltz

She's So Married

Will You Dance With Me

Feelin' Bluesy

Have A Good Life

Love Is

Sacred Soul Within

Inner Mission - 1998

Martha's Shadow

Now I Can See

Yesterday's Blues

A Sense Of You



Silent Song

Then I'll Be Her Man

The Hunger

Help Me To Know

Never Say Goodbye

What Love Isn't


The Lover's Waltz

In The Breeze - 2006

In The Breeze - 2006

In The Breeze


Tell Me

Hold Me



Don't Stop Lovin'


Balanced Rock - 2000

Another World

I Know You'll Find It

I Will Believe

Let It Go

Not The Woman

Radio Rock

Rock, Rock, Rock

Thought I Saw Love

Want The Best

Who You Are In My Arms

With Your Heart

Something To Say - 2008


My Name Is Love

Never Say Goodbye

This Mystery

Earth Sky Lullaby

One Peace

What Love Isn't

Words Get In The Way

Martha's Shadow

Help Me To Know

Try Love

When I'm With You

The Hunger

Sacred Soul Within

When You Say Goodbye

The Lover's Waltz

My Favorite Martin - 2020