Chocolate Bark


3/4 C roasted, shelled pistachios - chopped
3/4 C dried cherries or cranberries - chopped
fresh grated orange zest
24 oz bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped, divided

How To

1. Line bottom & sides of baking pan with foil, avoid wrinkles.

2. Toss chopped pistachios & cranberries into a dish.
   Divide the mixture in half, add the orange zest to one of the halves.

3. For easy melting, cut the chocolate into shavings using a sturdy knife.
   Melt 18 oz of the chocolate in a double-boiler over hot water.
   Alternatively in a microwave on low for 30 sec bursts. Stir often.

4. When the 18 oz is smoothly melted, remove from heat and then stir in
   the remaining chocolate in two additions until each is thoroughly melted and smooth.

5. Stir in the pistachio mixture containing the orange zest.
   Scrape the chocolate mix onto the baking sheet to an even 1/4" thickness.

6. Sprinkle the remaining pistachio mixture on top and press into the chocolate.

7. Refrigerate uncovered until set, about 30 minutes.

8. Invert the pan onto a large cutting board, remove the pan and foil.

9. Cut or break into 2-3" pieces.


a) I don't use the foil in step 1, the bark seems to disengage from a plain, cold cookie sheet

b) The purpose for step 4 is to melt the chocolate slowly. Whether you're using a microwave or
   a double boiler, use medium or low heat in step 3. The chocolate (and other meltables) do not
   want to be heated too quickly or strongly. Quick, high heat will likely alter the consistency
   of the chocolate... rendering it unusable. Must be a chemistry thing.

c) To make 3 batches (9 small bags) from two 2-lb bags of chocolate, use 21.3 oz in each batch.