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Interview with Wil and Dot - 1993

In December of 1993 I was in Atlanta for Christmas, I had borrowed a friend's Digital Audio Tape (DAT) recorder to record Dad's piano playing.
Since we had the microphones and a high-quality recorder I decided to interview Mom and Dad about their lives.
Recently I ran across this recording that I thought I had lost. - Paul Schwotzer 2018
Wil and Dot Interview - 1993 Part 1 Grandparents coming to America
Wil and Dot Interview - 1993 Part 2 Dot's family
Wil and Dot Interview - 1993 Part 3 Wil's family
Wil and Dot Interview - 1993 Part 4 How Wil and Dot met
Wil and Dot Interview - 1993 Part 5 World War II
Wil and Dot Interview - 1993 Part 6 The Depression
Wil Dot Interview - All Download and unpack zip file, then load MP3s onto a device

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More Recordings

Wil, Dot and Gin talking in 2009 ... probably at Charles' and Jennie's wedding
Dad's Limericks
Dad talking about his employment - 2012
A Lifetime of Love Written by PWS for Mom & Dad's 50th anniversary - A Lifetime of Love
Dad's Piano Favorites Album

Dad's Memorial Service

How Can I Keep From Singing at Dad's memorial service - Paul, Amy, Jeff
Carol's Eulogy for Dad at Dad's memorial service
Wil Schwotzer Obituary

Mom's Memorial Service

How Great Thou Art at Mom's memorial service - Amy and Paul
Dot Schwotzer Obituary

Photos & Videos

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Old Family Photos - scanned photos from Wil & Dot

Schwotzer Family Videos - scanned family slides in movies on Vimeo for streaming (or downloading)

Recording of Lynne, Carol & Paul - 2020

In February of 2020, Lynne, Carol and Paul sat down to record some memories:
LCP Reflections - Part 1 White Oak
LCP Reflections - Part 2 Atlanta
LCP Reflections - Part 3 Changes


Family Memories - A few that I thought up - PWS

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