UPDATE: 15Oct2020

January 2021:
	Balanced Rock
	Square, Too
	Voices 3
	tin whistle
	video - FCP - timecode
	new camera?
	HTML5 audio player
	install extra trim
	design new deck


   + Go thru old photo prints and get scanned the ones that spark

   + declutter letters, memos, music files from Mac

   + get some pictures scanned at Mike's

   + organize tools => standard tool box

   + declutter upstairs file cabinet

   + declutter drawers throughout house

   + learn Final Cut Pro

   + learn Pixelmator Pro

   + declutter crawl space

   + watch instructional DVDs

   + make test videos

___ Fix fence post between me and Jo Sherman
___ Clean gutters with vacuum
___ Mix 1990s PWS songs - Balanced Rock
___ Mix 2nd batch of cover songs - Square Too
___ Make rope ladders from wood and rope (get hooks)
___ Finish flagstone in oval island
___ Design new deck according to Jeanie's plan

___ Use DynaBands with laminated instructions
___ Clean up loft

    + Watch FCPX tutorials on
    + Read video books
    + Experiment with multi-cam music-sync videos

    + Read "Total Recording"
    + Watch ProTools tutorials
    + Watch synth programming tutorials: Ozone Iris, 

    + Learn guitar scales
    + Play some mandolin

    + Work with Wordpress?

___ Make a schematic of studio connections


___ Hike Devil's Backbone Open Space


___ Purchase: back deck		- est $20K
___ Purchase: garage flooring	- est $2K
___ Purchase: OLED TV		- est $2.5K
___ Purchase: table saw		- est $2.5K
___ Purchase: exterior stucco	- est $30K
___ Purchase: landscaping - tree, shrubs

___ Record and use stretch instructions
___ Do spinal exercises

___ tools
___ paper photos
___ digital photos
___ books

___ Scan fourteener slides
___ Use Final Cut Pro for video editing - purchase Feb2019

___ Organize PWS albums - need album covers
___ Re-learn Both Sides Now
___ Instrumental songs: Under The Double Eagle, Lover's Waltz, Little Martha, Martha's Shadow, Aspen, Both Sides Now
___ Learn mandolin / harmonica / tin whistle


___ Wall hangings in both bedrooms
___ Clean out crawl space
___ Build tool shed on north side

THINGS I don't want to forget:
    Fly Me To the Moon
    Moon River
    Ol' Pen
    Love at the Five and Dime
    Both Sides Now
    Shower The People
    Little Martha


___ Watch Ozone tutorial via

COMMUNITY - spend time with friends, volunteer, FCC A/V
   HEALTH - exercise, eat well,
    HOBBY - learn songs, do some recording, learn new skills (piano, guitar), photography, video, wood-working
    HOUSE - maintain yard, clean inside, remodel as necessary, decorate
   GROWTH - meditate, read
   STUDIO - work on client's music, experiment with new methods

PWS Completed Tasks


_X_ Clean up PWS albums on web site
_X_ Demolish old deck - 01Nov2020
_X_ Document slideshow details -> SlideshowInstructions.htm
_X_ Take some books to ELIC
_X_ Scan yearbook pages for Astrid - 24Oct2020
_X_ Gift to Jeff & Caroline ( after they move
_X_ Paint heater cover in basement bathroom - DONE 06Oct2020
_X_ Finish first batch of cover tunes - Square One - DONE June 2020
_X_ Build a flowerbed wall in front using Pavestone Rumblestone bricks - DONE Sep 2020
_X_ Trim apple tree & Lora's tree - John - DONE Sep2020
_X_ Plant sod where herb garden was + consider new wall - DONE Sep 2020
_X_ Remove lilac for eventual deck
_X_ Put Pittsfield Buff paint into new gallon cans - 03Sep2020
_X_ Install 3-level Pavestone tree ring - Aug 2020
_X_ Replace grass with mulch around tree ring
_X_ Clean PWS sink drain
_X_ Replace grass with mulch near oval - move sprinkler head - avoid cable
_X_ Relocate cable TV signal ground (to crawl space water pipe) - Jul2020
_X_ Assure availability of slide videos - upload to - May 2020
_X_ YARD: Outdoor Celeste chairs from Pier 1 - Get some from
_X_ Call Fidelity 800-343-0860 to transfer 403B - 07Jul2020
_X_ Work on Ray Curry music - Finish WF_Songbook June 2020
_X_ Finish Wesley Foundation song recording project
_X_ Get MiniDP to DisplayPort cable for HP display on Mac Pro Rack
_X_ Renew driver's license - did this online. 02Jun2020
_X_ Renew KTN - actually current card is valid until 2025
_X_ Pre-2018 movies from Lora's computer
_X_ Paint clock hands
_X_ Make movies of Lynne's videos - no need
_X_ Get new doors for boiler room - use existing doors, install new track rollers
_X_ Chocolate for Nance for Valentine's Day
_X_ Lora Movies from video clips on Camcorder SD card "1" - DONE - 20Jan2020 DVD: Wedding/Honeymoon DVD: Young Todd
_X_ Lora Movies from photos on B's phone - DONE - 20Jan2020 DVD: B-Photos (Qty 6)
_X_ Lora Movies from video clips on B's phone - DONE - 20Jan2020 DVD: B-Videos (Qty 2)
_X_ Lora Movies from photos on SD Camera Card "2" - DONE - 20Jan2020 DVD: Two 11:20 movies
_X_ Lora 2018 movies from computer - DVD: 4 photo movies + 1 video compilation movie - DONE - 29Jan2020
_X_ Lora 2019 movies from computer - DVD: 3 photo slidesows + 1 video compilation movie - DONE - 04Feb2020
_X_ Send payment to Carol
_X_ Send form to CarShippers
_X_ Get title and keys from Carol
_X_ Receive car
_X_ Get VIN verification
_X_ Talk with insurance agents about the switch - extra $250/year. ~ $1200
_X_ Get registration for Camry
_X_ Purchase: sheets & towels - - Sep2019
_X_ Purchase cremation from National Cremation Society - $3000
_X_ Get International drivers license - 0Sep2019 @ AAA
_X_ HOUSE: Purchase: Blinds for new Pella windows - Aug 2019 - about $1500 for 5 blinds
_X_ Install curtain rod with hooks for quilt - 17Aug2019
_X_ Build picture frame for Sgt. Peppers puzzle - 14Aug2019
_X_ Install new south fence gate - July 2019
_X_ Purchase: guest room furniture - July 2019 - $5000
_X_ Fix oak furniture - July 2019
_X_ Buy chair for reading area - Agee Swivel Barrel Chair - - 15Jul2019 - $300
_X_ Format slides of N. Platte raft trip for Kimberlee - July 2019
___ Learn JavaScript
_X_ Adjust sprinkler heads around flagstone
_X_ Fix Lora's grill - install new ignitor & clean
_X_ Call Doug Wagner about: fence gate, tool shed, deck work
___ Connect ethernet to Mac Mini ??? - NO
_X_ Connect rear speakers in living room
_X_ Scan Ridgeview 1975 yearbook - done May 2019
_X_ Fix hose end
_X_ Install flooring in attic for AC service - Jun 2019
_X_ Cancel land line - Qwest 877-803-8414 - Changed to a measured line = ~ $20/mo
_X_ Activate Apple Pay on iPhone
_X_ Clean monthly (tubs, toilets, vacuum, dust) - Jeanie
___ Get better international power adapter
_X_ Make yearbook movies with 1970s songs
_X_ Finish processing all random slides - think I'm done with this
_X_ Get Acura air filter boot replaced - 20May2019 $93
_X_ Install Schlage door locks in garage door
_X_ 24 DVDs of Joshua James service - Michele Spielman  260 N. Murray Blvd. Apt 208 80916 719-464-9654
_X_ sand molding
_X_ replace patch bay
_X_ touch-up paint
_X_ Contact Kelly @ SpringsHosting 719-393-9266
_X_ Get a library card. Look at
_X_ Purchase: Pella windows - 5 total	- $16K
_X_ Fix Kramer video switch - adjust resolution and aspect ratio
_X_ 18 DVDs of Margie Dillie service - Larry Dillie 3050 Sheiks Place 80904 - Carole Miller 599-4113
_X_ Purchase: Mac Mini computer - est $2K
_X_ Send slides/music to KAS
_X_ Install black-out blind in master bath
_X_ Install crown molding in guest bath - John Shields - $175
_X_ Print Nancy Seay's artwork - fractureme Feb2019 - $80
_X_ Paint ceiling in guest bath 
_X_ Install ceiling fans
_X_ Install bathroom mirrors
_X_ Join Democratic party - attend events - change affiliation Jan2019
_X_ 2542: Make Lego baseplate
_X_ Purchase: iPhone XS - $1450 - 10Dec2018
_X_ Replace burnt out bulbs - bulbs 2,4,5 replaced - 02Dec2018
___ Install new graphics card for MacPro - maybe not
_X_ Purchase: hot-water return to kitchen - Absolute Comfort - 28Nov2018 - $2450
_X_ Purchase: basement carpet - call Greg Warner @ Carpet Exchange (591-0710) - $5400
_X_ Fix hall light - 1510
_X_ Get gutters cleaned
_X_ Add light timers
___ Contact Derric West about quotes for Founders Room: additional speaker or separate sound system -  WAIT
_X_ Repair ceiling in guest bath - Jeff Maltby - $225 - 26Oct2018
_X_ 2542: Get glass top for dining table - Aspen Glass - 24Oct2018
_X_ Install radiator in Acura TL - KevinH - 24Oct2018
___ Contact LawnMan 719-329-4745 (then decide about LawnDoctor) (never heard from LawnMan)
_X_ Get plane tickets for Atlanta - Jordan's wedding
_X_ Resolve double charge from Credo - $8 - 09/20/2018 800-788-0898
_X_ Set up Apple podcast -
_X_ fix left speaker in FCC sanctuary - Derric replaced power supply - Jul2018
_X_ fix sub-woofer amp in FCC sacristy - Paul sent amp to Harman for repair ($110)
_X_ Install crown molding in the garage
_X_ Upload IGF podcasts - weekly
_X_ food processor - Apr 2018
_X_ Work on Mike Hartley project - DONE June 2018
_X_ install code-current smoke alarms - DONE May2018 by Mid-South Alarm
_X_ clean-out pests, re-install attic insulation- DONE - early 2018 by Skyline Pest Solutions
_X_ Finish FCC Quartet CD
_X_ Fix broken tile on Lora's house - 2542 Fairway
_X_ Resolve lighting issue - bulbs keep burning out - Second Opinion Audio - Terry - clean contacts
_X_ get gutters cleaned @ 1057 - Dec2017 - DONE
_X_ continue to donate to Salvation Army - Dec 2017 - DONE (did not take gas grill)
_X_ Install LED lights in FCC display case + reaffix lights with 3M adhesive tape
_X_ Document chapel A/V
_X_ Send JPGs of Todd/Kristen to Dave & Linda
_X_ Buy iPod touch
_X_ Get rid of Russian olive tree
_X_ Add sprinkler head near back patio
_X_ Mix Beverly's poems
_X_ canvas prints: tree bark & blue sky - easycanvasprints - $70 : nice print but don't like the mounting - it buckles
    lighthouse - Nations Photo Lab - $100 : nice print, sturdy mount, definitely better than easycanvasprints
_X_ Seal granite counter-tops - Feb 2017
_X_ Order trash service for Mom - 17Feb2017 - Waste Management 404-794-6707
_X_ comfortable noise canceling headphones
_X_ Seal hearth with SRW PS sealer
_X_ Use Lightroom for organizing photos
_X_ Export photos for Cathy
_X_ Get good music notation software - Sibelius First
_X_ Mix Paul/Ray/Luke songs
_X_ crock pot - Jan2017
___ Sonic Scores - Overture help - abandon
_X_ Get PDF scores for all of Howard's songs
_X_ good ear buds (1MORE triple-driver)
_X_ Renew ProTools Upgrade Plan in NOVEMBER
_X_ Replace plastic
_X_ Finish paver border work
_X_ Invite Mar, Judy, Diane? to see kitchen
_X_ Get garage door serviced by Overhead Door
_X_ Get Sunflower medical records for Moshrefi - in process
_X_ Fill-out paperwork for Moshrefi
_X_ Post songs for Carol's kids
___ Fix LAV2 dropout - not an issue now
_X_ Stain wood fence
_X_ Process saliva test for Moshrefi
_X_ Build stand for Advent letters
_X_ Send T-Bill paperwork to Lynne
_X_ Get bloodwork for Moshrefi
___ Respond to Mary Harrow re injections (531-6778) - not now
_X_ Finish mulch work
_X_ Dethatch lawn
___ Investigate cerebellar tonsillar ectopia, Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency CCSVI, Chiari malformations
_X_ Picture book for Cath
_X_ Clean rock on north side of house
_X_ Finish organizing files
_X_ Fix downspout drainage issues
___ Install pavered walkway on north side - Not now
_X_ Get garden advice for rose bed, perennial bed, herb garden - Nikki Pinello
_X_ Fix or replace deck chairs - Restore 667-0840 - Gave away to gardener Dani
_X_ Order water filter GS-10ALS from
_X_ Hire a gardener - Moonlight Gardens
_X_ Plant sod
_X_ Install new LED lamp fixtures in 4 places
_X_ Sing for Frannie: Kathy's Song + Do Not Let Me Go
_X_ Assure sprinkler coverage of all 6 zones
_X_ Timberline landscaping - Ashley - 638-1000
___ Robertsons landscaping - 635-8585
_X_ Clean gas grill
_X_ Get quote from John Schroeder to repair drainage: 719-306-8124
_X_ Get quote from Serenity Landscaping 719-494-5079
_X_ Ask Voelker to replace Mac Pro HD with SSD
_X_ Get appt with neurologist Brad Priebe - 03Aug
_X_ Mix 03June choir concert
_X_ Get Vitalizer fixed
_X_ Contact ATT about cell phones
_X_ CD for Robin Izer
___ Meet with Michael Rossback - unavailable
_X_ Cap-off some heads on zone 3 in perimeter
_X_ Submit initial divorce paperwork
_X_ Edit Penelope for Jim Young @ 16:04
_X_ Visit Relax The Back
_X_ Order Roamio
_X_ CDs for Blake
_X_ Lisa Hidrogo - First Tech Loan: 548-4785
_X_ Pick up glasses at Chapel Hills Vision
_X_ Finish Random Detour mixes
_X_ Take tax info to Larry Wood
_X_ Work with John Nelson (Ronnie Cochran's project)
_X_ Sell/give ADAT + keyboard stands - 18Feb2016
_X_ Streamline CDs - gave away many
_X_ Streamline books - gave 3 boxes to library
_X_ Finish roof maintenance - Total Roofing replaced seals, re-routed ice-dam drainage, added diverter
_X_ Contact Schwab about HP stock basis: HPQ - 47.15%  HPE - 52.85%
_X_ Replace water filter in kitchen sink - 25Jan2016
_X_ Replace water filter in refigerator - 25Jan2016
_X_ Return Avid equipment
_X_ Disconnect 2 roof vents
_X_ Troubleshoot Tempo Plus card - started working Nov2015
_X_ Write Dr. Bodrero
_X_ Purchase new living room shades
_X_ Install new patch bay
_X_ Gather and deliver recent tests for Dr. Christensen
_X_ Assess Joe's song status
_X_ Mix Frank's banjo song
_X_ Get roto-tiller repaired
_X_ Re-mulch front border
_X_ Ask Greg about warranty - not a fan
_X_ Troubleshoot Grace preamp drop-out - was patch bay
_X_ Set up appt with Ann Watkins
_X_ Set up appt with Moore-Colson
_X_ Install remaining pegboards in garage
_X_ Trim trees and remove fitzer - Mountain High
_X_ Get garage door serviced by Overhead Door
_X_ Get furnace serviced by Absolute Comfort
_X_ Get Acura TL transmission repaired
_X_ Get Acura TL A/C repaired
_X_ Get some carpet cleaning done - Certified Carpet Care 630-1945
_X_ Get Known Traveler Number
_X_ Reconcile iBank
_X_ Texture and paint garage walls
_X_ Install pegboard in garage for tools