UPDATE: 01Aug2020

___ Plant sod where herb garden was
___ Replace grass with mulch near evergreen
___ Install 3-level Pavestone tree ring
___ Remove lilac for eventual deck
___ Scan yearbook pages for Astrid
___ Paint heater cover in basement bathroom
___ Investigate using DynaBands
___ Clean up loft
___ Document slideshow details

Send songs to Dianne:
12Jul	All You Need is Love
19Jul	Blowin in the Wind
26Jul 	Conversation
03Aug   Fly Me To The Moon
	Forever Young
	Long May You Run
	Kathy's Song
	On the Sunny Side of the Street
	Barbed Wire Boys
	Wind Beneath My Wings
	The Times They are a Changin
	When We're Gone, Long Gone

___ YARD: Finalize flagstone & add Gator Dust
___ YARD: Disassemble deck
___ YARD: Design new deck

    + Watch FCPX tutorials on
    + Read video books
    + Experiment with multi-cam music-sync videos

    + Read "Total Recording"
    + Watch ProTools tutorials
    + Watch synth programming tutorials: Ozone Iris, 

    + Learn guitar scales
    + Play some mandolin

    + Work with Wordpress?
    + Improve image gallery display?

___ Make a schematic of studio connections
___ Call Philip Ledgard

In General:
___ Avoid reaching out when others should be proactive
___ Invite folks over for dinner
___ Assess cost in time and money vs payback
___ Rethink payback of things such as car or relationship


___ Hike Devil's Backbone Open Space


___ Purchase: exterior stucco	- est $30K
___ Purchase: landscaping - tree, shrubs

___ YARD: Draw-up a 2-wall tool shed @ back of house
___ Purchase: back deck		- est $20K
___ Purchase: garage flooring	- est $2K
___ Purchase: OLED TV		- est $2.5K
___ Purchase: table saw		- est $2.5K

___ Record and use stretch instructions
___ Do spinal exercises

___ tools
___ paper photos
___ digital photos
___ books

___ Scan fourteener slides
___ Use Final Cut Pro for video editing - purchase Feb2019

___ Mix 1990s PWS songs - Balanced Rock
___ Organize PWS albums - need album covers
___ Re-learn Both Sides Now
___ Instrumental songs: Under The Double Eagle, Lover's Waltz, Little Martha, Martha's Shadow, Aspen, Both Sides Now
___ Learn mandolin / harmonica / tin whistle

___ Work on PWS songs
___ Learn Jed's songs

___ Another World: Re-play guitar lead; Replace slide guitar; Add back vocals

___ Paint metal trim gray
___ Wall hangings in both bedrooms
___ Clean out crawl space
___ Build tool shed on north side
___ Remove existing deck
___ Build new deck according to Jeanie's plan

THINGS I don't want to forget:
    Fly Me To the Moon
    Moon River
    Ol' Pen
    Love at the Five and Dime
    Both Sides Now
    Shower The People
    Little Martha

___ Read Rohr daily
___ Read novels
___ Meditate

___ Watch Ozone tutorial via

COMMUNITY - spend time with friends, volunteer, FCC A/V
   HEALTH - exercise, eat well,
    HOBBY - learn songs, do some recording, learn new skills (piano, guitar), photography, video, wood-working
    HOUSE - maintain yard, clean inside, remodel as necessary, decorate
   GROWTH - meditate, read
   STUDIO - work on client's music, experiment with new methods

PWS Completed Tasks


_X_ Clean PWS sink drain
_X_ Replace grass with mulch near oval - move sprinkler head - avoid cable
_X_ Relocate cable TV signal ground (to crawl space water pipe) - Jul2020
_X_ Assure availability of slide videos - upload to - May 2020
_X_ YARD: Outdoor Celeste chairs from Pier 1 - Get some from
_X_ Call Fidelity 800-343-0860 to transfer 403B - 07Jul2020
_X_ Work on Ray Curry music - Finish WF_Songbook June 2020
_X_ Finish Wesley Foundation song recording project
_X_ Get MiniDP to DisplayPort cable for HP display on Mac Pro Rack
_X_ Renew driver's license - did this online. 02Jun2020
_X_ Renew KTN - actually current card is valid until 2025
_X_ Pre-2018 movies from Lora's computer
_X_ Paint clock hands
_X_ Make movies of Lynne's videos - no need
_X_ Get new doors for boiler room - use existing doors, install new track rollers
_X_ Chocolate for Nance for Valentine's Day
_X_ Lora Movies from video clips on Camcorder SD card "1" - DONE - 20Jan2020 DVD: Wedding/Honeymoon DVD: Young Todd
_X_ Lora Movies from photos on B's phone - DONE - 20Jan2020 DVD: B-Photos (Qty 6)
_X_ Lora Movies from video clips on B's phone - DONE - 20Jan2020 DVD: B-Videos (Qty 2)
_X_ Lora Movies from photos on SD Camera Card "2" - DONE - 20Jan2020 DVD: Two 11:20 movies
_X_ Lora 2018 movies from computer - DVD: 4 photo movies + 1 video compilation movie - DONE - 29Jan2020
_X_ Lora 2019 movies from computer - DVD: 3 photo slidesows + 1 video compilation movie - DONE - 04Feb2020
_X_ Send payment to Carol
_X_ Send form to CarShippers
_X_ Get title and keys from Carol
_X_ Receive car
_X_ Get VIN verification
_X_ Talk with insurance agents about the switch - extra $250/year. ~ $1200
_X_ Get registration for Camry
_X_ Purchase: sheets & towels - - Sep2019
_X_ Purchase cremation from National Cremation Society - $3000
_X_ Get International drivers license - 0Sep2019 @ AAA
_X_ HOUSE: Purchase: Blinds for new Pella windows - Aug 2019 - about $1500 for 5 blinds
_X_ Install curtain rod with hooks for quilt - 17Aug2019
_X_ Build picture frame for Sgt. Peppers puzzle - 14Aug2019
_X_ Install new south fence gate - July 2019
_X_ Purchase: guest room furniture - July 2019 - $5000
_X_ Fix oak furniture - July 2019
_X_ Buy chair for reading area - Agee Swivel Barrel Chair - - 15Jul2019 - $300
_X_ Format slides of N. Platte raft trip for Kimberlee - July 2019
___ Learn JavaScript
_X_ Adjust sprinkler heads around flagstone
_X_ Fix Lora's grill - install new ignitor & clean
_X_ Call Doug Wagner about: fence gate, tool shed, deck work
___ Connect ethernet to Mac Mini ??? - NO
_X_ Connect rear speakers in living room
_X_ Scan Ridgeview 1975 yearbook - done May 2019
_X_ Fix hose end
_X_ Install flooring in attic for AC service - Jun 2019
_X_ Cancel land line - Qwest 877-803-8414 - Changed to a measured line = ~ $20/mo
_X_ Activate Apple Pay on iPhone
_X_ Clean monthly (tubs, toilets, vacuum, dust) - Jeanie
___ Get better international power adapter
_X_ Make yearbook movies with 1970s songs
_X_ Finish processing all random slides - think I'm done with this
_X_ Get Acura air filter boot replaced - 20May2019 $93
_X_ Install Schlage door locks in garage door
_X_ 24 DVDs of Joshua James service - Michele Spielman  260 N. Murray Blvd. Apt 208 80916 719-464-9654
_X_ sand molding
_X_ replace patch bay
_X_ touch-up paint
_X_ Contact Kelly @ SpringsHosting 719-393-9266
_X_ Get a library card. Look at
_X_ Purchase: Pella windows - 5 total	- $16K
_X_ Fix Kramer video switch - adjust resolution and aspect ratio
_X_ 18 DVDs of Margie Dillie service - Larry Dillie 3050 Sheiks Place 80904 - Carole Miller 599-4113
_X_ Purchase: Mac Mini computer - est $2K
_X_ Send slides/music to KAS
_X_ Install black-out blind in master bath
_X_ Install crown molding in guest bath - John Shields - $175
_X_ Print Nancy Seay's artwork - fractureme Feb2019 - $80
_X_ Paint ceiling in guest bath 
_X_ Install ceiling fans
_X_ Install bathroom mirrors
_X_ Join Democratic party - attend events - change affiliation Jan2019
_X_ 2542: Make Lego baseplate
_X_ Purchase: iPhone XS - $1450 - 10Dec2018
_X_ Replace burnt out bulbs - bulbs 2,4,5 replaced - 02Dec2018
___ Install new graphics card for MacPro - maybe not
_X_ Purchase: hot-water return to kitchen - Absolute Comfort - 28Nov2018 - $2450
_X_ Purchase: basement carpet - call Greg Warner @ Carpet Exchange (591-0710) - $5400
_X_ Fix hall light - 1510
_X_ Get gutters cleaned
_X_ Add light timers
___ Contact Derric West about quotes for Founders Room: additional speaker or separate sound system -  WAIT
_X_ Repair ceiling in guest bath - Jeff Maltby - $225 - 26Oct2018
_X_ 2542: Get glass top for dining table - Aspen Glass - 24Oct2018
_X_ Install radiator in Acura TL - KevinH - 24Oct2018
___ Contact LawnMan 719-329-4745 (then decide about LawnDoctor) (never heard from LawnMan)
_X_ Get plane tickets for Atlanta - Jordan's wedding
_X_ Resolve double charge from Credo - $8 - 09/20/2018 800-788-0898
_X_ Set up Apple podcast -
_X_ fix left speaker in FCC sanctuary - Derric replaced power supply - Jul2018
_X_ fix sub-woofer amp in FCC sacristy - Paul sent amp to Harman for repair ($110)
_X_ Install crown molding in the garage
_X_ Upload IGF podcasts - weekly
_X_ food processor - Apr 2018
_X_ Work on Mike Hartley project - DONE June 2018
_X_ install code-current smoke alarms - DONE May2018 by Mid-South Alarm
_X_ clean-out pests, re-install attic insulation- DONE - early 2018 by Skyline Pest Solutions
_X_ Finish FCC Quartet CD
_X_ Fix broken tile on Lora's house - 2542 Fairway
_X_ Resolve lighting issue - bulbs keep burning out - Second Opinion Audio - Terry - clean contacts
_X_ get gutters cleaned @ 1057 - Dec2017 - DONE
_X_ continue to donate to Salvation Army - Dec 2017 - DONE (did not take gas grill)
_X_ Install LED lights in FCC display case + reaffix lights with 3M adhesive tape
_X_ Document chapel A/V
_X_ Send JPGs of Todd/Kristen to Dave & Linda
_X_ Buy iPod touch
_X_ Get rid of Russian olive tree
_X_ Add sprinkler head near back patio
_X_ Mix Beverly's poems
_X_ canvas prints: tree bark & blue sky - easycanvasprints - $70 : nice print but don't like the mounting - it buckles
    lighthouse - Nations Photo Lab - $100 : nice print, sturdy mount, definitely better than easycanvasprints
_X_ Seal granite counter-tops - Feb 2017
_X_ Order trash service for Mom - 17Feb2017 - Waste Management 404-794-6707
_X_ comfortable noise canceling headphones
_X_ Seal hearth with SRW PS sealer
_X_ Use Lightroom for organizing photos
_X_ Export photos for Cathy
_X_ Get good music notation software - Sibelius First
_X_ Mix Paul/Ray/Luke songs
_X_ crock pot - Jan2017
___ Sonic Scores - Overture help - abandon
_X_ Get PDF scores for all of Howard's songs
_X_ good ear buds (1MORE triple-driver)
_X_ Renew ProTools Upgrade Plan in NOVEMBER
_X_ Replace plastic
_X_ Finish paver border work
_X_ Invite Mar, Judy, Diane? to see kitchen
_X_ Get garage door serviced by Overhead Door
_X_ Get Sunflower medical records for Moshrefi - in process
_X_ Fill-out paperwork for Moshrefi
_X_ Post songs for Carol's kids
___ Fix LAV2 dropout - not an issue now
_X_ Stain wood fence
_X_ Process saliva test for Moshrefi
_X_ Build stand for Advent letters
_X_ Send T-Bill paperwork to Lynne
_X_ Get bloodwork for Moshrefi
___ Respond to Mary Harrow re injections (531-6778) - not now
_X_ Finish mulch work
_X_ Dethatch lawn
___ Investigate cerebellar tonsillar ectopia, Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency CCSVI, Chiari malformations
_X_ Picture book for Cath
_X_ Clean rock on north side of house
_X_ Finish organizing files
_X_ Fix downspout drainage issues
___ Install pavered walkway on north side - Not now
_X_ Get garden advice for rose bed, perennial bed, herb garden - Nikki Pinello
_X_ Fix or replace deck chairs - Restore 667-0840 - Gave away to gardener Dani
_X_ Order water filter GS-10ALS from
_X_ Hire a gardener - Moonlight Gardens
_X_ Plant sod
_X_ Install new LED lamp fixtures in 4 places
_X_ Sing for Frannie: Kathy's Song + Do Not Let Me Go
_X_ Assure sprinkler coverage of all 6 zones
_X_ Timberline landscaping - Ashley - 638-1000
___ Robertsons landscaping - 635-8585
_X_ Clean gas grill
_X_ Get quote from John Schroeder to repair drainage: 719-306-8124
_X_ Get quote from Serenity Landscaping 719-494-5079
_X_ Ask Voelker to replace Mac Pro HD with SSD
_X_ Get appt with neurologist Brad Priebe - 03Aug
_X_ Mix 03June choir concert
_X_ Get Vitalizer fixed
_X_ Contact ATT about cell phones
_X_ CD for Robin Izer
___ Meet with Michael Rossback - unavailable
_X_ Cap-off some heads on zone 3 in perimeter
_X_ Submit initial divorce paperwork
_X_ Edit Penelope for Jim Young @ 16:04
_X_ Visit Relax The Back
_X_ Order Roamio
_X_ CDs for Blake
_X_ Lisa Hidrogo - First Tech Loan: 548-4785
_X_ Pick up glasses at Chapel Hills Vision
_X_ Finish Random Detour mixes
_X_ Take tax info to Larry Wood
_X_ Work with John Nelson (Ronnie Cochran's project)
_X_ Sell/give ADAT + keyboard stands - 18Feb2016
_X_ Streamline CDs - gave away many
_X_ Streamline books - gave 3 boxes to library
_X_ Finish roof maintenance - Total Roofing replaced seals, re-routed ice-dam drainage, added diverter
_X_ Contact Schwab about HP stock basis: HPQ - 47.15%  HPE - 52.85%
_X_ Replace water filter in kitchen sink - 25Jan2016
_X_ Replace water filter in refigerator - 25Jan2016
_X_ Return Avid equipment
_X_ Disconnect 2 roof vents
_X_ Troubleshoot Tempo Plus card - started working Nov2015
_X_ Write Dr. Bodrero
_X_ Purchase new living room shades
_X_ Install new patch bay
_X_ Gather and deliver recent tests for Dr. Christensen
_X_ Assess Joe's song status
_X_ Mix Frank's banjo song
_X_ Get roto-tiller repaired
_X_ Re-mulch front border
_X_ Ask Greg about warranty - not a fan
_X_ Troubleshoot Grace preamp drop-out - was patch bay
_X_ Set up appt with Ann Watkins
_X_ Set up appt with Moore-Colson
_X_ Install remaining pegboards in garage
_X_ Trim trees and remove fitzer - Mountain High
_X_ Get garage door serviced by Overhead Door
_X_ Get furnace serviced by Absolute Comfort
_X_ Get Acura TL transmission repaired
_X_ Get Acura TL A/C repaired
_X_ Get some carpet cleaning done - Certified Carpet Care 630-1945
_X_ Get Known Traveler Number
_X_ Reconcile iBank
_X_ Texture and paint garage walls
_X_ Install pegboard in garage for tools